Trigger Warning! Black Lives Matter is to the Civil Rights Movement what Civil War reenactors are to the Civil War. There is no greater lie than the narrative that Black people are being hunted by police. I’m going to tell you a story about orchestrated divide.

My adventure into politics started August 9th, 2014. That’s the day I saw #MikeBrown trending on Twitter with images of a Black man laying face down in the street. That disturbing image was intensified by witness accounts of Mike being shot with his hands up painting the incident as an execution. At the time, I was as outraged as anyone else until the story began to unravel.

First came the video of Mike committing strong-arm robbery minutes before Darren Wilson claimed he was attacked by Mike during a stop. That was enough for me to give the benefit of the doubt to the police officer.

That, of course, did not stop the media.

Let’s not sugar coat it. The mainstream media is a propaganda machine for the democrat party. They manufactured the outrage around this incident because they saw an opportunity to fuel a narrative of racism that was dying in America. I’ll explain why later.

“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” was a lie which many are still unaware of. Jonathan Capeheart, from the ultra-left leaning Washington Post, was one of the few from the media to admit his mistake after the DOJ report was released.

Now, I’m not saying there haven’t been incidents of police brutality. I think everyone reading this can agree that the death of Eric Gardner was a wild misuse of force. Where we fail as Americans is our inability to grasp the challenges of physical altercations with suspects who resist arrest. Police make 2,500,000 arrests of African Americans each year. Roughly 250 of those arrests end in death for the suspect which is 0.0001% of the time. So as a Black man, you have a 10,000 to 1 chance of getting killed during an arrest. You’d be amazed how much those odds increase in your favor when you comply with police.

You see, a movement without facts is propaganda. Let’s take a deeper look at the data.

“Your chart shows our proportion of arrest-related deaths is double our population”

While true, it also shows the Black arrest rate is double. You have to be involved in an arrest to suffer an arrest related death the same way you have to have an at bat before you can get a hit. You have a higher proportion of arrest-related deaths because you have a higher proportion of arrests.

“Well that just shows that Black people are being unfairly targeted by the police for arrest”

The proportion of Black homicides is 3.3x higher than your population. Are Black men being unfairly targeted by the coroner?

Let’s move on to the myth that Black people are more likely to be killed during an arrest. FBI crime data shows White people are arrested, on average, 5,000,000 times per year. Black people are arrested 2,500,000 times a year. The Washington Post, who tracks arrest-related deaths, shows Whites were killed 494 times by police in 2015 while Black people were killed 258 times. To get the rate per 1,000,000 arrests, we divide arrest-related deaths by arrests and then multiply by 1,000,000.

“Our rate is still higher”

Believe me, I’ve had this said to me plenty of times during Twitter debates. This minuscule increase can easily be written off by data showing Black people are far more likely to resist arrest as proven by NYC and San Francisco.

Let’s get to where we do find disproportionate rates. Black people have a homicide rate 5x higher than White people. Black people are also 14.5x more likely to kill a White person than a White person is t0 kill a Black person. Do White Lives Matter?

“Black people have a higher rate of crime and homicide because of poverty”

Blacks and Hispanics have roughly the same median income. Black people have a 4.4x higher homicide rate than Hispanics.

So what are we left with? Black Lives Matter was created by democrats to isolate Black people and victimize them so Hillary can offer them hope. One of Hillary’s largest donors, George Soros, also gave at least $33,000,000 to Black Lives Matter and their affiliates. Top democrat strategist, Van Jones, stated in a facebook video that democrats need 92% of the Black vote to win. Imagine what type of psychological games it takes to ensure that. Racism is a tool the democrats use to keep Black people voting on emotion instead of economic policies. A narrative of racism is why Black people celebrate Obama while all Black economic data is down under his presidency.


I’ve had this debate with thousands of Black people on twitter. I’m blocked by almost every major Black Lives Matter account. The debate has moved from death threats to asking me why I hate Black people. The truth is, I couldn’t hate Black people any less. You’re my fellow Americans. The history of Black and White relations in America is our story. It’s our relationship and it’s on us to continually work to improve it. In this case, I’m the friend who tells you when you’re making a mistake knowing you’ll most likely hate me for it. The path we’re on is regressive. Pushing for segregation and targeting white people in riots are the very things the Civil Rights Movement fought to end in this country. It’s also exactly what the billionaire globalists behind the scenes want us to do. They can’t control a country that’s united. Think about that.