1 person has died after a truck rushed through a Christmas market in Berlin. No update on the driver of the vehicle. Multiple people are injured. The streets have been locked down until further notice. Pictures of the truck have been released in the meantime.

More info will be added as the story develops.


UPDATE: Multiple dead and 50 reported to be injured. Still no update on the truck driver.


UPDATE: German tabloid newspaper “Bild” reports that the driver of the truck has allegedly escaped the scene of the crime and is now on the run. Authorities have not commented on the newspaper’s report or confirmed it.

UPDATE: Multiple news agencies now reporting the truck driver is on the run. A manhunt is underway. Authorities believe the incident is terror related.

**UPDATE: Bild as well as other agencies report there were 2 drivers in the truck, 1 of them dead with the other now on the run.


UPDATE: Truck driver confirmed to have been arrested, the police spokesperson will appear on a local TV outlet.


**UPDATES: 12 confirmed dead and 48 hospitalized. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. Sources indicate the suspect truck driver is a refugee to Germany from Pakistan. The truck, according to the police on Twitter, was stolen. Authorities are asking citizens to stay home until furthur notice. In the meantime, the U.S State Department released a brief statement on the incident: 









***UPDATES: Authorities say that they have arrested the wrong man, and that the perpetrator is still at large. 6 of killed were identified as German nationals. According to German newspaper “Die Welt”, the perpetrator came to the country on Febuary 16th. Other sources say he had been arrested before for minor criminal offences, non of which were related to terrorism. The truck was believed to have been hijacked, with the deceased co-driver being a Polish man, named Lukazs Wasik, being the perpetrator’s first victm. He was the cousin of Ariel Zurwaski, the owner of the truck. A manhunt is still underway.


***UPDATE: An I.D. card was found inside the truck, in which it belongs to a man named Anis Amri, 21, who is from Tunisia. According to reports, he had been investigated before and there was an attempt to deport him, but the attempt failed. Police are now searching for Anis Amri.







UPDATES: According to sources, Anis Amri had been on a “watchlist” since January. His is known to have 6 different aliases and even uses 3 different nationalities, and had attempted to recruit partner(s) for terror plots. He had lived with a hate preacher, in Dortmund, who is currently under arrest for their involvement in IS. Amri had been arrested before on the charges of petty crimes up to document forgery, but was released on the latter. He is known to be in touch with Islamic terrorist groups. His own father describes him as “violent and drug-taking”, and allegedly called into a radio show in Tunisia to discuss his son. His family back in Tunisia also had recently expressed their shock at Amri’s actions. A manhunt is still underway. At this point, a large monetary reward has been offered as a bounty. 



***UPDATES: It has been confirmed that Anis Amri was killed in a shootout with Italian police. Sometime after 3 A.M. was when the incident occured. He was pulled over by patrol and was asked for identification. It was then Amri pulled a firearm from his bag and fired, injuring one of the policemen. He was reported to have been shouting “Allahu Akbar” around this time. Amri had spent a total of 3 days on the run from police before being taken down in the early hours of the morning. The injuries of the policeman who was shot are considered “non-life threatening”.


Meanwhile, ISIS released a video, showing Anis Amri pledging his allegiance to the Islamic terrorist group. In this video, he goes on to say the following:

My message to crusaders bombing Muslims everyday… Their blood will not go in vain. We are a nation behind them and will take revenge for them. I call on my Muslim brothers everywhere… Those in Europe, kill the crusader pigs, each person to their own ability.


The video can also be watched here.