I really never needed the approval of “male-tears” sipping, hateful women to fully accept myself as I am. I also don’t need to call myself a feminist.

But expressing this has had its “downsides”, as one would probably call it. I’ve had my fair share of opposition to face- and I am definitely not the only one who can say this. Feminists get upset- and I mean really upset- when people talk about their group think in a negative manner. They complain about feminism having a negative connotation and often remind us of its “goals”. But the rationale behind the general animosity is simple, yet understandable.

To begin with, I already have the rights I need to prosper. I may work. I may choose to stay at home and keep it tidy. I may vote. I know I can do many things if I put my mind to it, and if discouraged or mocked, I simply ignore whatever comes out of anyone’s mouths. America is not this outdated, prehistoric, moss-covered cavern: it’s an advanced society with innovative minds everywhere one looks. Everyone is taking charge, even women.


Now I understand that, decades ago, women’s rights icons such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton as well as other, much more admirable ladies have been one of the primary reasons women were given the “boost” in society. But they weren’t hateful women with malicious, divisive agendas- the goals of feminism in this era differ greatly from their hard, honest work. In this current year, women in America have it much better than they realize. Yet somehow, in this country, there is always an “issue” that beckons the feminists to come rushing in, salivating at the mouth. But I have noticed that most of the outrage is petty, such as the constant whining in regards to, for example, the infamous, memorable wage gap- which already had its fair share of debunking. And let’s not forget the supposed rape culture- in which I wish they’d take they’re whining elsewhere.


And when it comes to one person, whether it be a man or woman, saying no to feminism, I mostly have seen misandry, and in some cases, misogyny. Yes, misogyny- I have watched as feminists habitually seek out women who may hold a dissenter’s viewpoint, and maim them viciously with attacks and insults. They attempt to reduce the opposing women to worthlessness, claiming they have nothing of individual value unless they take on the title- and if they do, it is then where, suddenly, their existence has new meaning again.

And more often than not, I think about the many times a blind eye has been turned to the forgotten victims of actual rape and actual oppression. But instead, I’ve been told that a man admiring me or any other woman from a distance or passing a comment is an egregious act, practically likened to rape. A man, whose nature it normally is to admire beauty when it is seen, ends up shamed while the exact same group speaks very bawdily of their “bulges” when it comes to either swimsuit magazines or Olympic events.


For the record, I like to be admired. Everyone does. But I don’t need these women, who probably have never been given a passing glance, to unload their own misery onto my back by calling it “objectification”. It is not my fault they’ve never been admired. I don’t need to become this angry, miserable person just because they are. To put it plainly, “catcalling” or “unwarranted looks” won’t send me into a mental, convulsing breakdown.


There’s also the little spasms many of the more nuttier feminists have when discussing sex in general, even in cases of “PIV”. I would imagine sex, the feminist way, to be the most bland acts one can put themselves through. And if you want to try the intersectional route, read this guide.

Instead of being allowed to enjoy each other physically and emotionally, feminists put men on the “pedestal” of perpetual, inescapable villainhood- they end up having to be the ones expected to take the extra steps to prevent perceived “rape” in even the most intimate expressions of love, because they are constantly reminded that they are all sexual criminals in waiting.

Looking at this, I do not ever want my lover to feel this way- or even the general male population. I don’t ever want him to feel as if he is a possible “offender”, just because these contemptible women have been chanting this in declaration, akin to some cultic song. Have there been men who have raped? Of course. Absolutely nobody can deny that. But to claim that every man is capable of rape is essentially saying that every man is a rapist. And, in the meanwhile, they seem to forget- almost purposely- that “women who rape” is not some fairytale with dainty, cartoonish characters- there have been women who have assaulted men sexually. Sex crimes against men are just as existent as the opposite. But women’s cases are also often prioritized emotionally, with overflows of support, before any evidence is given. People do not step back and ask themselves, “Is this rape allegation true, or is it false?”


A false rape allegation takes promising futures, and smashes them. Here’s an interesting article from a Word Press blog, discussing the bias of feminists who are also sexual assault researchers.


Lastly, I just want to say that I have nothing against the patriarchy whatsoever. I cannot say I’m “oppressed” by any man, because that would be an outright lie. Perhaps it’s because I reside in a country where I won’t have my hands amputated for using a cellphone, or be told that a sexual assault warrants a whip striking my back? Undergo the agony of female genital mutilation? Or even be marketed as a sex slave to the sub-humans operating ISIS?

I understand there has been some feminist outrage, especially with FGM- I am not denying that. But when the majority of currently “prominent feminist icons”, who many self-professed feminists wannabes probably look up to, choose to be upset over the idle “manspreading”, “catcalling”, tampons or even air-conditioning, it’s when they need to step back and take a deep, good look at themselves- and their espoused ideas.


As a female, I know who I am. I know what it is I want for myself. I value myself indescribably. And, I think for myself only. Men are allowed to look upon me, without ever worrying of “commiting pyschological rape“. If distancing myself from what is a hate-mongering, hypocritical, baseless and meritless movement categorizes me as any insulting term, then so be it.


Without any of it, I am a very happy woman.