A Muslim man is in custody after attempting to run over a crowd of pedestrians in Vienna, Austria. Police detained a Turkish Muslim migrant who was heard yelling “Allahu Akbar” as he sent people running and diving to save their lives. This comes one day after a massive brawl broke out between Muslim migrants that ended in one man getting ran over by the tram.

Although everyone escaped this latest attack, it does represent a new trend in Muslims using vehicles to wage jihad like we saw in Nice, France. This is an unstoppable method of terror and exactly what our National Counterterrorism Center warned about in their testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Our government and media are lying to the public when they create the narrative that ISIS is behind these attacks. ISIS is giving online tactical training to would-be jihadists but they’re following commands in the Quran to kill all nonbelievers. They’re the same commands Muslims will read today in every mosque across America. There is virtually no way to detect or stop a Muslim from getting in his car today and targeting a parade or a group of people walking down the street.

It’s for these reasons that terrorism is now being normalized in Europe like it has been in the Middle East. The more Muslims we allow into our countries, the less safe we become. If we don’t stop Muslim immigration now, we’ll soon find ourselves submitting our way of life to Islam. Every time we have a terror attack, the media has the same twenty people come on to talk about how to combat “radical Islam”. They have no idea how to stop it but the mass importation of Muslims continues. Our policy is to allow people prone to terrorism into our country hoping they’ll magically stop commands they’ve followed for 1400 years.

This leaves you with three choices:

  1. You can allow Hillary to become President and submit to terrorism like Europe as she follows through with her plan to increase the importation of Muslim migrants by 550%.
  2. You can allow Hillary to become President and join your brothers in arms like it’s 1776.
  3. You can vote for Donald Trump and choose a sane approach to immigration because we don’t actually owe it to anyone.

Immigration should be restricted to people who benefit our society and nobody should be conned into thinking that makes us bad people. Islam is fundamentally intolerant. Intolerance of intolerance is correct.