Besides being a daisy chain of pay-to-play between foreign governments, our government and various contractors, the Muslim ‘refugees’ flooding in are a Sharia compliant tax (Jizya) on Americans. The ultimate goal of Islam is to have the entire world submit to Islam (subjugated) and for everybody to be under Sharia law. Islam does not mean peace. Islam comes from the Arabic root word ‘al-silm’ which means submit or surrender; salaam means peace, so this is another lie Muslims peddle with the help of the Dhimmis in the media.

Islam’s core goal is to make war on us infidels and to force us into a state of subjugation. They want us to acknowledge their superiority as our Islamic overlords via a Sharia compliant tax (Jizya tax).

Fight those who do not believe in Allah, …(the people of the Book-Christians and Jews),…until they pay the Jizya tax in acknowledgement of superiority and they are in a state of subjugation.- Quran 9:29

According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement Annual Report to Congress (chart below), 91.4% of Middle Eastern ‘refugees’ in the U.S. are on food stamps and 68.3% are receiving cash welfare. Muslims aren’t coming here to work or assimilate. This is a Hijra which is jihad by emigration, a highly meritorious act which promises Muslims great rewards in heaven. Muslims bring with them Sharia law, which they are slowly implementing in many different ways.

We Americans are working hard everyday to pay for millions of Muslims who are living in subsidized housing and receiving cash/food stamps. We are their slaves. We must wake up early every morning and put in a full days worth of work to pay our Muslim overlords who are living in better conditions than our own Military Veterans! We drop off our children to daycare centers while we work 2 or 3 jobs to provide for our families AND Muslim families! Muslims sit back and collect money they believe is owed to them according to Sharia law. Muslim ‘refugees’ are forcing us Americans to pay them BILLIONS of dollars in Jizya tax with the help of traitors in our government!

To add insult to injury, these ungrateful Muslims hate America! They rob us blind while they give us the middle finger and laugh at us. Muslims defraud and exploit our generous (and flawed) welfare system on a regular basis. They have no shame. They have no problem stealing from infidels and they don’t even hide it!

We must stop this insanity! Hillary Clinton wants to increase Muslim immigration by 550% with some estimating she will bring in over 1 million new Muslim migrants in her first term (God forbid she were to win the election).

We must support Donald Trump as he is the only Presidential Candidate who has called for halting Muslim immigration. We are $20 trillion in debt with homeless veterans. We must take care of our own. 94+ million Americans are out of the workforce and millions more are chronically underemployed. Americans need to wake up to what is happening and say NO to the Sharia compliant tax being forced on us. We must reject Hillary and vote for Donald Trump.

We the people must demand that these ‘refugees’ are deported! We do not owe Muslims any money, nor do we owe them Constitutional rights/citizenship! We are not a nation of dhimmis (slaves). We are a nation of free people and we must demand consistency in our laws. America first!!