Muslim immigration brings with it the guarantee of terrorism. So it’s no surprise that the National Counterterrorism Center testified in front of Congress stating that terrorism is “broader, wider and deeper than any point since 9/11,”.

From the Washington Times

‘Mr. Rasmussen made his sober assessment as the Department of Homeland Security issued a confidential warning. U.S.-based terrorists are likely focused on mass killings at festivals, concerts, sporting events and other outdoor events, says a confidential report obtained by The Washington Times.

The Sept. 23 warning was issued in the wake of a string of bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey for which an Afghan-born Muslim, Ahmad Khan Rahami, was apprehended in a gunfight with police.

The report says the “most likely tactics” would involve “edged weapons, small arms, vehicle assaults and possibly [improvised explosive devices],” said the report, a copy of which was obtained by The Times.

The Islamic State has urged Muslims on social media to use vehicles to achieve mass killings, as was carried out in July in Nice, France, by a follower of the group.

The Homeland Security Department’s office of intelligence and analysis “assesses that commercial facilities — such as festivals, concerts, outdoor events, and other mass gatherings — remain a potential target for terrorists or [homegrown violent extremists], as they often pursue simple, achievable attacks with an emphasis on economic impact and mass casualties,” the report said.

Homeland Security said homegrown loners make foiling plots difficult.’

Here’s how this works:

38% of Muslims in America polled admitted they believe ISIS is correct. This constitutes nothing more than believing in the fundamental teachings of Islam since ISIS is following commands from the Quran to the letter. Here’s a refresher course if you don’t believe that.

So that’s 1,450,000 Muslims in America who understand Muhammad’s command to subjugate, convert, or kill all nonbelievers. Let’s take a look at a poll of Muslims worldwide who approve of terrorist attacks against Americans.

That’s a lot of skittles. That means 4/10 people we let in from Pakistan agree with committing terror attacks against us. Take a minute to realize how insanely treasonous that makes our government.

So what’s the end result? Because we’ve allowed Barack Obama to dramatically increase Muslim immigration, we’re now living under the very real threat of a terror attack at every public gathering we have in the United States. Every concert, football game, county fair, public restaurant, movie theater, and little league game is now under direct threat of a terror attack by people who subscribe to an ideology that commands your extinction. That threat and the frequency of attacks are only going to increase with every Muslim we let into our country. That’s reality.

This threat was not a part of my childhood. Nobody ever went to a concert surrounded by militarized police ready to respond to an Islamic terror attack. We allowed our government to bring that ideology here that offered offers us zero benefit.

This is Europe now and a look into our future. Their police now look like knights from the 14th century. I guess anything is better than be called a bigot.