Police say three are dead and two are injured after a man opened fire around 7:00 pm PST inside the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington.

The suspect was originally described as a Hispanic male aged 20-25 but the photo released by the police appears to show a male with Arab features. The suspect was believed to have headed West but no current location is known. K-9 units have been deployed as police search neighborhoods and the FBI is reported to be on site.

UPDATE: Three women are reported deceased and one man has been airlifted to Harbor View Hospital with critical injuries.

UPDATE: Police scanner reporting possible second man seen with the primary suspect inside the AMC theatre.

UPDATE: Reports from police that calls were received from a man claiming to be the shooter.

UPDATE 11:35 PST: A fourth female is reported dead. There are unconfirmed reports that the shooter called one of the women by name.

UPDATE: Officials confirm at least three of the women were shot in the makeup department inside of Macy’s.