Welcome to the Trump movement ladies and gentlemen spreading all over the United States and despite what the hoaxing media says, even California! On Saturday October 15th, Trump supporters gathered together on Magic Mountain Pkwy in Valencia, CA for a flash mob. Having seen a tweet the night before by Baked Alaska announcing a flash mob as a part of the movement #MAGA3X, I knew it would be a perfect opportunity to represent Latinos With Trump and document the event. With a combined 50,000 views on Periscope thousands got to see the real support for Trump in California. Gale Cruz with Californians for Trump was involved in organizing the flash mob. The turnout was amazing with almost 100 people at one point. Trump supporters from all nationalities and races joined us. Two millennial first time voters from San Diego came to show their support for the Presidential candidate. This movement is more than support for Donald J. Trump, this is about keeping America’s sovereignty and freedom. This is about voting for America.

The people have spoken and they want their country back from the corruption that has taken us hostage. We the people are done electing the same establishment politicians with nothing but false promises and solutions that are nowhere to be found. The new Wikileaks, John Podesta emails, show proof of the extent of corruption and media collusion our country is facing. The people reject Hillary Clinton and the crimes she has committed against America. We want Trump for President of the United State of America because we are ready for real change.

I never thought the sound of cars honking non-stop would sound so beautiful. Trump supporters held a large sign that read “Honk 4 Trump” and the sheer amount of cars honking was nothing short of amazing! The energy and the patriotism and love for our country was absolutely electrifying. Trump supporters from every demographic showed up Saturday evening to demonstrate their excitement. I approached many for interviews, when asked “Why do you support Trump?” my first response by one particular gentlemen was “He’s destroying the media and also he’s destroying the establishment all together.” This is the epitome of why many support Trump. In fact, some studies show only 6% of the American people trust the media, no doubt it is in part due to Trump and his supporters exposing the sick collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the media.

Nostalgic Bernie supporters ought to pay attention to this next interviewee Jake, wearing a “Proud to be a Deplorable” T- shirt, referring to Hillary Clinton insulting half of Trump supporters name calling them “Basket of Deplorables.” The former Bernie Bro turned Trump supporter stated “I don’t support people who steal my vote” he expressed his anger towards Hillary Clinton and the DNC. “I feel like I was lied to” Jake said “I can’t support someone that’s going to lie.” When asked how he felt about Hillary Clinton essentially stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders he described it as “disgraceful, and the major media outlets, they stole it too!” Wait a minute, I thought Bernie supporters were voting for Hillary? Another media hoax! “You couldn’t pay me enough to vote for Hillary and you couldn’t pay me enough to not vote for Trump!” Jake exalted. Perhaps Hillary Clinton and the media think so low of Bernie supporters that they actually believe they would vote for a criminal who stole the nomination?

The media narrative continued to be squashed as the night progressed and Trump supporters from all races and demographics showed their enthusiasm for Trump. Baked Alaska was active interviewing many people including @Rockprincess818 a large Twitter influence, and @KamVTV Co-Host of the Wayne Dupree Show, talking about the real issues facing our country and the important movement of #MAGA3X. This is a movement to encourage every Trump supporter to bring 3 people to the polls or share the truth and expose Hillary Clinton on social media everyday at least 3 times. This is the most important election of our life time which will determine if the United States will free itself of corruption and political manipulation with Trump, or further in decline with deceit and war with Hillary. We cannot allow this Obama administration to censor us and decide what is worthy of news and facts. This type of political media control has extended to Twitter who shadow banned @bakedalaska on Periscope as he was reaching well over 15,000 viewers. He was exposing the truth about the media corruption and collusion, something Twitter does not particularly like. Watch for his reaction and insight on the subject towards the end of the night on my Periscope video.

I had the opportunity to talk to Baked Alaska about Latino support for Trump and illegal immigration and the fact that Trump is not a racist. Wanting to secure the border is not racism, it will help both Mexico and the United States. One particular activist with a large yellow sign with big red words that read “Stop Illegal Immigration” stressed the importance of following our immigration laws as illegals “cut American wages” and he is absolutely correct. Democrats are the real racists who have done nothing for minorities and as exposed in the Podesta emails frequently degrade Hispanics and Blacks. The Hillary Clinton campaign refers to some Latinos as “needy” and Blacks as faring “badly almost irrespective of circumstances.” Where is the outrage by the faux media? Why haven’t they reported on the thousands of emails released by Wikileaks exposing Hillary’s corruption? Simple, they are a part of the Clinton campaign. There has been an American awakening and we will not be silenced.

After many interviews it was clear that Hillary Clinton has been completely exposed as the corrupt criminal politician that she is. There are no flash mobs for Hillary, the enthusiasm is with Trump.  Even in a so called “blue” state Trump supporters were plentiful and will be voting Trump on November 8th. The American people have had enough and will no longer be taken advantage of by rampant corruption. This is our country and we want it back! As one Trump supporter said, “Hillary’s motto is I’m with her, well I’m not with her, I’m with the American people and so is Trump” and I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Watch the full event on Periscope below with many insightful interviews and exciting support for Trump.