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2016 Elections

What It’s Like To Attend A Trump Rally

By Kelly Beruff

On Monday, I had the opportunity to see presidential candidate Donald J. Trump speak at Fort Myers. I didn’t exactly get close to him, but I was able to see

Trump Says Obama Was Born In America, Was He?

By Jared Wyand

Hillary has dropped 15% among Black voters in the recent weeks as Trump travels to Black communities to make his case. Of course, rather than respond with her own proposals, Hillary

Trump Gains 15% Among Black Voters

By Jared Wyand

Support for Hillary Clinton among Black voters is tanking and it spells disaster for her chances on November 8th. Today’s LA Times tracking poll shows Donald Trump has spiked to 19% among Black

UPDATING: New DNC Leak – Pay to Play, Election Fraud, Insider Trading

By Jared Wyand

I’m going to try to describe new revelations from the DNC leaks in the most unbiased way possible. The DNC is operating an organized crime syndicate. There’s no way around

Top 5 List Of People Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Disavowed

By Jared Wyand

CNN is doing full-on damage control for Hillary Clinton’s imploding campaign. From her calling millions of Americans deplorable to being dragged while unconscious into a van on 9/11, we’re watching the

Hillary Clinton And Her Basket Of Deplorables

By Jared Wyand

No, I’m not writing an article to punch back at  your supporters Hillary. If I’m being honest, I used to support Barack Obama. I used to watch Jon Leibowitz and

Hospital Hillary Coughs Her Way Through Labor Day

By Jared Wyand

This is way beyond “dark conspiracy theories”. Hillary is sick and she’s been sick for a long time. This was her today in Ohio at her first campaign rally in

Watch Your Voting Block Around Trump

By Jared Wyand

Imagine that you’re traveling on business and you’ve left your wife at home who you’ve mistreated and neglected for years. You call her one night and she’s having a little

Trump Sits Tied With Clinton in LATimes Tracking Poll

By Jared Wyand

For months we’ve seen polls heavily weighted towards registered Democrats by as much as 12% over Republicans to get the desired outcome for Hillary Clinton. This was the same tactic used