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Media Protects Muslim OSU Attacker, Claims Victim of Hate

By Suzie Daud

Monday morning, Ohio State University was attacked by Somalian refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. Artan drove a vehicle through crowds of students on

Muslim ‘Refugees’ Are a Sharia Compliant Tax on Americans

By Cristina Laila

Besides being a daisy chain of pay-to-play between foreign governments, our government and various contractors, the Muslim ‘refugees’ flooding in are a Sharia compliant tax (Jizya) on Americans. The ultimate

Muslim Attempts Vehicular Jihad In Austria Yelling “Allahu Akbar”

By Jared Wyand

A Muslim man is in custody after attempting to run over a crowd of pedestrians in Vienna, Austria. Police detained a Turkish Muslim migrant who was heard yelling “Allahu Akbar”

Muslims Or Concerts: You Can’t Have Both

By Jared Wyand

Muslim immigration brings with it the guarantee of terrorism. So it’s no surprise that the National Counterterrorism Center testified in front of Congress stating that terrorism is “broader, wider and deeper

Special Operations Command Is Pushing The Pentagon To Link Islamic Theology To Terrorism

By Jared Wyand

U.S. Special Operations Command is waging a campaign to include Islamic theology and its ties to terrorism in the Pentagon’s National Military Strategy. The Washington Times Reports: “Thus, behind the scenes,

Confirmed: Cascade Mall Shooter Identified As Arcan Cetin From Turkey

By Jared Wyand

The suspect in the Cascade Mall shooting which left five dead including four women is believed to be Arcan Cetin of Oak Harbor, Washington. The shooting took place at 7pm on

UPDATED: Active Shooter On The Loose After Killing Three At Cascade Mall In Burlington, Washington

By Jared Wyand

Police say three are dead and two are injured after a man opened fire around 7:00 pm PST inside the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington. The suspect was originally described as

Call Me Bigot

By Irma Hinojosa

Growing up I was always taught to be respectful of others and the way they chose to follow their religion or set of beliefs. Religion was never forced on me,

State Dept: Terrorists Are Posing As Refugees

By Jared Wyand

If you knowingly facilitate terrorists, you’re a terrorist. There’s no way around it. Barack Obama’s refusal to halt the Muslim refugee program constitutes treason. State Department Spokesman, John Kirby, admitted in

Developing: FBI Releases Seeking Info Flyer

By Kelly Beruff

Earlier today, the FBI released a flyer, containing a surveillance still of two unknown males who were believed to have taken the luggage that encased one of the explosive devices