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Muslim NYC Bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami Arrested After Shootout In Linden New Jersey

By Jared Wyand

Police have arrested Ahmad Rahmni after a shootout in Linden, New Jersey. Ahmad Rahmni is suspected of carrying out multiple bombings in NYC and New Jersey. One officer was injured after being

Blast Video: Explosion Heard After Pipe Bomb Found In Trash Can At New Jersey Train Station

By Jared Wyand

Two homeless men discovered what authorities believe to be a pipe bomb while searching through a trash can at the Elizabeth train station in New Jersey around 9:30pm. reports the

NYC Bombing Update: Arabic Letter Found, “There Will Be More”

By Jared Wyand

Police are confirming what most of the country already knew, the bombing in NYC was Islamic terrorism. The New York Post has confirmed information from police from eyewitnesses who say they

Three Terror Attacks In One Day: It’s Time For Liberals To Step Aside

By Jared Wyand

Let’s recap yesterday’s round of cultural enrichment. First, we had a terror attack in Seaside Park, New Jersey. The pipe bomb was set to go off next to thousands of

UPDATED: Terror Attack In NYC Injures 29 After Bomb Explodes Outside Chelsea Apartment Building

By Jared Wyand

At 8:30 pm  an explosion rocked an apartment complex at West 23rd Street. At least 29 people were rushed to the hospital. This is supposedly the #Chelsea #ChelseaExplosion captured on CCTV

Multiple Injured, One Dead In MN Mass Stabbing

By Kelly Beruff

Muslim London Mayor Visits Chicago, Pushes Sharia Law

By Cristina Laila

The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who by the way has terrorist ties to various groups like CAGE and legally defended 9/11 terrorist, Zacarias Moussaoui has begun his 5

Pipe Bomb Explodes At Marine 5k Race In New Jersey

By Jared Wyand

UPDATE: Police say multiple pipe bombs were attached to the bomb that exploded but failed to detonate. A pipe bomb exploded in a garbage can lining the road of the

US Commandos Forced Out By Allied US-Backed Syrian Rebels Yelling “Death To America”

By Jared Wyand

Videos have surfaced showing a team of American Commandos being forced out of a Syrian town by allied US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels. The Commandos arrived to help coordinate

VIDEO: Copaphobic Muslim Man Shot In NYC After Attacking Police With Meat Cleaver

By Jared Wyand

Two NYPD officers were attacked after responding to a call involving a Muslim man with a meat cleaver. At around 5pm the two officers approached the knife-wielding man at 32nd Street