A new poll from Morning Consult shows Americans agree with Trump on immigration in a major way. This may come as a shock to the mainstream media, who would have you believe that enforcing the law is White supremacist ideology. It turns out that convincing Americans to vote against their best interest is becoming a tough sell versus the #AmericaFirst platform of Donald Trump.

The oddest thing about this poll is how close Americans are on the issue of building a border wall. If you’re one of those in the opposition, I challenge you to point out a negative outcome of securing our Southern border. Even the President of Mexico sees the benefit of building a wall.

Ah yes, you’ve landed on the price. It’s true, the border wall is estimated to cost $8 billion and CNN is telling you Pena Nieto will never pay for it. The problem, Donald Trump’s plan to make Mexico pay for the wall, doesn’t require consent from the President of Mexico.

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