With Inauguration Day just a mere 4 days away, it’s no doubt that there are many emotions stirring as well as mixed reactions from different political sides. Some are anxiously waiting to watch Donald J. Trump be sworn into office, counting down the days. Others are not so pleased. But some Antifa groups in particular were so displeased, they had planned their own counters for not only the 20th, but also for a Pro-Trump event known as the DeploraBall.


In part 1 of a new undercover video by Project Veritas, the viewer watches as members from the Antifa group “D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition” discuss ways to utilize the ventilation system at the DeploraBall for stink bombs containing butryic acid. In addition, they also planned to set off all sprinklers at once to the ball-goers should the stink bomb plan fail. Various Antifa groups such as Progress Unity Fund, Americans Take Action and others were also mentioned briefly in the video, working together under “DisruptJ20”.


The FBI and other authorities were contacted and presented with the clips. They are currently reviewing the contents of Project Veritas’ findings, as stated in part 1 of the investigation.


Part 2 of the investigation will be released soon. In the meantime, there is also audio of another Antifa group planning on preventing people from attending the Inauguration altogether.





Any updates will be added as they come in.

UPDATES: Before releasing the second part of the investigative video series, James O’Keefe released a 2:17 video in response to DisruptJ20 for claiming that they were “just playing along” with the investigators and knew they were undercover the entire time.



The second part was officially released later on, this time focusing deeper on Antifa’s efforts to prevent people from attending the Inauguration- using chains on trains, and planning to block traffic at key locations- according to a J20 organizer.





In another clip, it shows what seems to be a classroom-like setting. There shows a meeting to be underway by the Antifa group “Smash Racism D.C”. The topic of “throat-punching” is brought up, and how the protesters should approach “Nazis”. Throat-punching is mentioned as a method when a Nazi is “loudly shouting their beliefs”.