I’m going to try my best not to swear in this article. Austin is set to become the first true “sanctuary city” in Texas. The favorite to become the next Travis County sheriff, democrat Sally Hernandez, is proposing an end to cooperating with ICE when they seek inmates for deportation.

Fun Fact: ICE files an average of two requests per day for the detainment of illegal aliens arrested by the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

Let’s put this in perspective before we go any further. Juan Rivera is a cartel member from Culiacan who crossed the border illegally into Texas to set up operations in Austin. That was crime number one. One night, Juan gets pulled over and arrested for DUI. ICE is notified of Juan’s illegal status resulting in a request to detain him for deportation. The new “progressive” sheriff, Sally Hernandez, denies this request because “tolerance”. For his first offense, Juan is sentenced to seven days in Travis County jail before being released back into the public.

A month later, Juan finds himself driving drunk down the wrong the side of the highway before smashing into a vehicle killing the young man inside. You receive a call at 3:30 AM from the police department because that young man was your son.

No, he wasn’t your son. He was Mary Ann Mendoza’s son. He was Sabine Durden’s son. These are two women on a long list of Americans who’ve had their loved ones ripped from their lives by the hands of an illegal alien.

This is where we arrive at liberal rationale. “If deporting people solved the problem, that wouldn’t have ever happened. But unfortunately, deporting people — they come back to the United States”, Hernandez said. While true, it’s the reasoning given by a political party who calls Donald Trump a bigot for his proposal to secure the border. You see, liberals only try to manage a problem on its surface instead of attacking the core cause.

In this case, they’re catering to a voter base with a foreign allegiance who requires the subversion of U.S. Law to secure their vote. #MakeDemocratsGreatAgain