Yesterday, six Chicago teens posted a graphic live video to Facebook of their kidnapped and tied up torture victim being held hostage. The teens were smoking as well as drinking throughout this video while beating up, cutting and even scalping the unidentified special needs white male victim who they claimed was a Trump supporter.

“F*** white people!” and “You represent Trump, F*** Trump!” along with other disturbing, racist remarks were shouted throughout the chilling video.

4 of the teens are now in custody and the victim is being treated for his injuries.

This has been yet another hate crime as an outcome of mainstream media networks such as CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and others driving their ridiculously false narrative that President-Elect Donald Trump is a racist. This narrative has been pumped out from every TV screen for about 20 months now, providing approval and fuel for anybody to go wild and hurt innocent people because of a sick media lie.

Will you see this story hit the TV screen? It doesn’t fit the media’s narrative, but rather instead defeating their narrative, so probably not. This story will likely be another hate crime from the left that gets swept under the rug from any exposure to the masses.