At least 9 people are reported to be injured after a gunman opened fire at a Fort Lauderdale airport. 1 is confirmed to be dead. The shooting had occurred near a baggage claim part of the airport.

The gunman has been taken into custody.



Ari Fleischer was at the airport when the shooting occurred. He tweeted regarding the incident.






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UPDATE: 3 confirmed dead. Airport management says the situation has been resolved and one person (presumably the perpetrator) is in custody.


UPDATE: 5 people confirmed dead. Authorities believe the gunman acted alone. Below is some footage from inside the airport.



UPDATE: Shots fired in the garage, witness says while speaking with Shepard Smith live. Unknown if from authorities or other entity.



UPDATE: A man named “Esteban Santiago” has been identified so far as the gunman. He held military I.D. on him- unknown if it is his. No motive yet.

UPDATE: Witnesses say suspect shouted “I’m not Jewish”.


UPDATES: There has been reports of a second shooting, authorities are working to confirm. President Obama has been briefed on the incident. Senator Bill Nelson spoke to the press recently regarding the suspect as well as the event. Governor Rick Scott is now on his way to Florida. President Elect Donald Trump has recently spoken with Rick Scott, and tweeted regarding the matter:




UPDATES: The shooter is unharmed and is currently being interviewed by the FBI. Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca wrote in a Facebook post regarding the incident and shooter:

Latest information I have:
Update: The shooter was a passenger on a Canadian flight with a checked gun. He claimed his bag and took the gun from baggage and went into the bathroom to load it. Came out shooting people in baggage claim. There were 13 total shot, 5 dead, 8 transported to hospital.




A sheriff says that the reports of the second incident are unconfirmed, and says the only incident he is aware of is the first one. A video has also surfaced- a man in handcuffs, being taken by police, possibly connected to one of the incidents.


UPDATE: Air Canada confirms that they have no record of an “Esteban Santiago” as a passenger on Twitter:

UPDATE: Family confirms identity of shooter

Esteban Santiago seen here wearing an Arab scarf using the one finger salute commonly used by Muslims to signify “one true God, Allah”.


UPDATES: A picture is surfacing of the alleged firearm used by the shooter.


Meanwhile, and unnamed employer based in Anchorage was concerned with the gunman, who later came in contact with the FBI after expressing concerning beliefs.


Governer Rick Scott had also arrived, addressing the media on the incident:



UPDATES: It has been reported that the gunman was discharged from the military for “unsatisfactory performance”. Sources also say that he had walked into an FBI office sometime in November of last year, claiming that he was “being forced to fight for ISIS”.



UPDATE: The gunman (Esteban Santiago) has been charged with “performing an act of violence at the airport” by federal prosecutors.