Gab founder, Andrew Torba, was suspended on twitter today.

Torba hadn’t used the account since November that simply contained one tweet, promoting his website; a rival social media platform that promotes freedom of speech.

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This comes as no surprise to many on twitter. Hundreds of dormant “sock” accounts have been suspended on twitter despite the users barely signing into the accounts. Some users have been suspended on as many as two accounts a day, despite barely signing in… let alone tweet.

Users are frustrated with the platform. Some users are suggesting that twitter may “auto-ban” users depending on the algorithm written into the new system.

The algorithm supposedly tracks “wrong” opinions twitter doesn’t agree with and then twitter decides whether or not to “auto-ban” the account.

Another trick twitter is doing behind the scenes is looping the “appeal” section of suspension. As you can see from the video below, twitter will loop the appeal section with the log in section to prevent users from progressing and appealing twitter’s decision to suspend the account.

Twitter has overplayed their hand with Torba’s suspension. It exposes a clear agenda to suppress the right and any views that oppose liberal ideology. They want to tell a Christian baker that he’s required by law to make gay wedding cakes while refusing service on one of the largest communication platforms in the world to anyone with opposing political beliefs. Of course, liberals care not about hypocrisy and view the suppression of discourse as a warranted tactic to achieve their utopian fairytale. This is the path that lead to every communist government in history.

Oh yeah, sign for a new account at Gab and speak freely.