Angela Merkel’s CDU party was handed its first major rebuke in a Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state election by upstart Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. AfD, who campaigned heavily against Merkel’s immigration policies,  finished second in their first election taking 21% of the vote. This not so stunning rise came at the expense of parties who suffered stinging declines from their last election in 2011. Germany’s centre-left Socialist Democrats (SPD), who came in first, saw a 5% drop in their base.

To date, Merkel has allowed over 1.8 Million Muslim migrants to flow into Germany. The UN has reported as much as 72% were military aged males. This has lead to mass rape and weekly terror attacks the German Government can no longer hide. The fact is, the flow of Muslims into Germany was never about saving refugees. It was a UN-mandated attempt to replace what globalists call, “a dying population”. The Germans appear to be waking up.