Anyone who has followed the dirty and sordid history of politics knows that blackmail is one of the most effective tools to either control or take down a politician. After decades of corruption and lies from the Clinton’s, Hillary is ripe for the picking. What we are seeing is one of the most epic take downs in modern day politics.

Hillary is very hated in D.C. She has many enemies who would love to see her fall. The Clinton’s have betrayed and back stabbed so many people that more people want to see them fail than succeed. It is well known that Hillary is crooked. Insiders knew that she would resort to illegal activities during the campaign, so all they had to do was infiltrate with moles, expose the backroom dealings and the headlines would write themselves. The Podesta e-mails being released by Wikileaks was a well orchestrated plan and like Chinese water torture, they brought punishment to Hillary one drop at a time. Wikileaks humiliation combined with Project Veritas’ undercover videos is one big beautiful symphony playing in harmony.

We’ve seen this type of blackmail before. Richard Nixon was blackmailed several times as transcripts prove. He was caught in the death spiral of blackmail, paying people off and obstructing justice. Sound familiar? At least Nixon had the dignity to resign. The media flanked and attacked Nixon, exposing his corruption which ultimately led to his resignation. The media is so corrupt today, that it has taken an army of Patriots on social media to expose Hillary’s corruption and criminality.

Thanks to the ubiquitous access of internet and social media via smartphones, the American people have seen Hillary’s pay-to-play under the unforgiving light of the sun. Her bribery and blackmail are out in the open for the world to see and it is ugly. She rigged the DNC, disenfranchising millions of Americans. She insulted millions of Americans by calling us ‘deplorable’, yet her arrogance leads her to believe that she is worthy of our votes. We also saw AG Loretta Lynch have a private meeting with Bill Clinton and a Clinton ally pay $600,000 to an FBI prosecutors wife amid her e-mail investigation.

What will follow is a Nixon-esqe take down. I know that we are still a little over a week away from election day, but Hillary’s lifelong corruption and lies are like a python wrapped around her neck and there is no escaping. The truth always prevails. Hillary has been flanked not by the media, but by the Americans she so despises and these controversies aren’t going away. She underestimated the resolve of the American people. Just like Nixon, Hillary is in the death spiral of blackmail and payoffs and she too will fall.

Every prominent politician leaves their legacy. Nixon will always be remembered saying, “I am not a crook” in a press conference leading up to his demise. Similarly, Hillary will be remembered saying, “I stand by what I said: I did not send or receive any material marked classified” as the house of cards came down.