Police in Melbourne have foiled a major terror plot, thanks to a set of raids: a total of 5 bombings were planned for possibly Christmas Day, supposedly at locations such as Federation Square and other landmarks. So far, 7 have been arrested and only 5 remain in custody over the plans. Of the ones in custody, 4 of them are allegedly Australian nationals while another is from Egypt.  Most of the suspects are in their early 20s to mid.


Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews thanked the police for the done deed.


I want to thank each and every one of the 400 members of the Victoria Police and AFP who have been part of these raids, these arrests, and all of those others who work every hour of every day, keeping a very close watch on all of those persons of interest. Victorians should go about their business at this very special time of the year.





Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also commented on the situation. 

This is one of the most substantial terrorist plots that have been disrupted over the last several years. It is a time of happiness and joy. These terrorists sought to disrupt it. They have been thwarted.



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