Monday morning, Ohio State University was attacked by Somalian refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Artan drove a vehicle through crowds of students on campus, similar to the terrorist attack in Nice, France in July, also ISIS owned, leaving nearly 100 French civilians for dead and critically injuring hundreds more.

After driving into the crowd, the refugee went on to step out of his vehicle and charge into people with a butcher knife, cutting into pedestrians bodies. Officer Alan Horujko shot and killed Abdul Artan before he could do any more damage than injuring 11 students that are now being hospitalized.

Mainstream media networks such as CNN, NBC, MSNBC and many others first reported the attack as a shooting and #GunControl immediately began trending on Twitter for hours. Reporters and the public were quick to share their opinion before major details were even released of the attack. Some even tweeted ‘humorous’ remarks that it was probably just a ‘white man’ on a ‘shooting rampage’ thus being why we should ban guns.

The networks were then corrected by the witnesses at the scene who said it was a vehicular and knife attack carried out by Muslim student Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

The very networks that were quick to shine light on the university’s ‘shooting’ then turned completely silent and hid for quite some time when it was reported that there was no gun involved other than the one used to kill the attacker. There was also hours of hesitation to admit that the attacker was indeed a Muslim and a refugee.

Rather than own up to the mistake of falsely reporting that the attack was a shooting, some if not most of these ‘real news’ sources began defending Abdul Razak Ali Artan. #PrayForSomalians and #PrayForMuslims began trending on Twitter following the statement that the attacker was a Somalian Muslim. Hundreds of thousands of people, including government officials, reporters and journalists have been defending the attacker, claiming he was the real victim because of ‘hate.’ Both of these hashtag trends outlasted #PrayForOSU and other sympathetic Ohio hashtags.

After investigation into Artan’s social media accounts, it did not take long until Facebook posts were found on his profile that he wrote praising Al-Qaeda and bashing America. This is even more evidence that Facebook and other major social media networks simply do not care about terroristic threats being made on their platforms, as a majority of Muslim attackers have been found out to be successfully recruiting/posting about terrorism on Facebook and Twitter.

Abdul Artan’s Facebook post just prior to his attack on campus:


Still, a statement has yet to be made by authorities that this was indeed a terrorist attack.

The media is continuing to push their false narrative that the attacker was just a victim of America’s ‘xenophobia’.

CNN even went as far as to recommend we wear headscarfs to show “solidarity for Muslims” the same way people “shave their heads in solidarity for people going through something” after reporting the “interesting story” of the terrorist attack yesterday.

An Ohio State University professor even took to Facebook to write this post in regards to the attacker at her school.

Filmmaker and Black Lives Matter supporter Tariq Nasheed upset that Abdul was killed by white police officer:

Many more bizarre tweets and videos can be easily found defending Abdul Razak Ali Artan for his actions. How long will it be until Black Lives Matter AKA George Soros activists protest at Ohio State University for the death of this terrorist?