James O’Keefe has released the third video in the Project Veritas series Rigging the Election. 



“If the future President of the United States wants ducks on the ground, by God, we will put ducks on the ground.” says the now resigned Bob Creamer.


In this video, we learn that Hillary Clinton sent personal requests to the same organization we saw in the two previous Project Veritas videos, telling Bob Creamer, (convicted felon for tax evasion working as a Clinton campaign operative who has personally had meetings with President Barack Obama 43 times and been to the White House 340+ times) to put people in Disney’s Donald Duck costumes and plant them at Trump and Pence events, essentially wanting them to follow Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence around and pester them. Such requests violate the Campaign Finance Laws, giving her another reason to be indicted.

As you can imagine, we were not at all shocked by this video…and you probably weren’t either. However, this video does bring more undeniable, solid evidence of the law breaking Hillary Clinton commits just about daily. We do not think she will be indicted anytime soon, as this is nothing compared to the endless list of rigging, stealing, pay-for-play, terrorist funding, selling U.S foreign policy, cheating and money laundering she has committed and gotten away with, (the benefits of being a corrupt government official inside a corrupt government, right?)–but all of the hard proof of criminality being exposed to the American people by real journalists are definitely impacting Hillary in ways that the mainstream media will definitely not tell you.

The polls will continue to be fixed, as we have also learned the evidence of polls being sampled mainly by Democrats and very few Republicans, trying to mind control us into thinking Hillary is ahead of the race. It is amusing how stupid the media and our government thinks we are. You, as an American, should be angry that you are being taken for a fool by your government. Donald Trump is pulling in 30,000+, even 100,000 of just bikers (the nationwide group Bikers for Trump)–in arenas with overflows outside of even more thousands who came to see Trump–setting a high, impossible to beat record number of people ever at a political rally/event, while Hillary Clinton is struggling to fill up a classroom and a school gym–and has been caught photoshopping rallies by multiplying the people in pictures and even using a GREEN SCREEN to record and stage a FAKE RALLY.  

Now we know why the Democrats are still stealing votes through illegals, the deceased, triple voting, bussing state to state and George Soros fixed voting machines. They can’t win without stealing! Amazing.

If the media and all of its mind-controlling illusions to keep you in a coma didn’t exist and we chose the winner based on ACTUAL PEOPLE who voted for a candidate and attended the candidate’s rallies, the winner would be very, very clear.

What a democracy we live in. Thanks, Obama.

Looking at the Clinton rally schedule from now until the election reveals in itself how bad she is truly losing. She has several of her bought out celebrities including Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Jon Bon Jovi performing at her events, along with President Obama as well as Joe Biden all in an attempt to draw in larger crowds–and my personal opinion is that she is doing this so people (if she steals the election, which is a big possibility at this point seeing as the sick government is obviously on her side) will forget that she had such small crowds. If it weren’t for big celebrities drawing in big crowds at the final Clinton rallies, the results of the election would lead people to start questioning how she could have possibly beaten Trump if he was pulling in 30,000+ people. It is an illusion trick–just one of the endless tricks Hillary has always been pulling on the American people, so why does anyone in their right mind think she will be any different as President of the United States?

Oh wait, nobody does. That’s why they have to steal votes.