In his renowned dialogue, Sophist, Plato refers to a common trend in which philosophers intentionally distort the truth so that it appears accurate unless viewed from the proper angle. To make his point, Plato gives the example of the Greek statuary, which was crafted larger on the top than on the bottom so that observers on the ground would see it correctly. Of course, if the observers could view it in scale, they would realize that it was distorted.

Liberals are promoting a similar kind of trend today. Many liberals have even begun to claim that reality is subjective, going so far as to label species, gender and biologically masculine and feminine qualities as social constructs. Unfortunately for these deluded escapists, reality is not subjective. No matter what you believe, the mere fact that you believe it does not make it true. On the contrary, the lens through which you are viewing the world is malformed. And if you ever decide that you want the ability to view the authentic truth, you will need to change your lens. The world is never going to collectively accept an alternate reality to accommodate your fantasies. This will lead to chaos. In a way, it already has.

One such chaotic example is the ever-increasing racist rhetoric being directed at white people. Such slogans as “All White People Are Racist”, “The White Man is a Devil” and “No Whites Allowed” have gone mainstream and are circulating the physical and digital networks of western society. With the rise of the criminal ideology, Black Lives Matter, white people as a whole are now being viewed through a malformed lens.

DISCLAIMER: Admittedly, this video covers some very sensitive topics. Please watch until the end.