Wikileaks has been punishing Hillary’s campaign on a daily basis as they slowly release campaign e-mails. Like an A-10 Warthog they deliver punishing rounds, damaging Hillary, members of the MSM and others in her campaign. While shocking information coming out of Wikileaks keeps the internet buzzing everyday, what they released on November 4th sent shock waves across the internet.

Wikileaks revealed that John Podesta, who is Chairman to Hillary’s campaign and long-term associate of the Clinton’s was invited to a ‘Spirit Cooking Dinner’ by Marina Abramovic. Abramovic is described as a performance artist, however; she also practices Satanic occult rituals in private. ‘Spirit Cooking’ involves drinking blood, semen and breast milk.

Videos of the Spirit Cooking Dinner went viral on social media as people watched in horror. This news was so big that it eclipsed the historical Chicago Cubs World Series win! As a Christian myself, I immediately recognized this as purely demonic and dangerous. What really struck me however, was that I was getting inundated with messages and tweets from people who describe themselves as atheists, agnostics or not particularly religious and even they told me that they could feel the evil.

Some may say who cares what people do in private; we have freedom of religion here in the U.S. I would argue this is true to an extent. Why is this significant? Why is this a problem? Hillary and her inner circle are pure evil. Her Chairman, John Podesta participates in Satanic rituals and her aide of 20 years, Huma Abedin is a Muslim and married to a pedophile.

Pedophilia is the cornerstone of both Islam and Satanic rituals. The Quran tells Muslim men that they are allowed to marry girls who have yet to menstruate in verse 65:4 which is why child marriages are legal in Islamic countries. Mohammad, the ‘prophet’ of Islam married a 6 year old girl named Aisha and raped her when she was 9. Female sex slavery is also legal in Islam as evidenced in Quran verse 4:24. Furthermore, Mohammad himself had sex slaves. Not only are grown women subjected to this barbarity, but young girls are also made sex slaves and trafficked.

Hillary has never denounced these utterly evil perversions practiced in Islamic countries because she supports it. Millions of dollars flow into the Clinton Foundation from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Islamic countries, so her allegiance is to Islam and everything they espouse, no matter how evil. It is also no coincidence that her aide Huma is married to Anthony Weiner who is a pervert and a pedophile.

Hillary is also a staunch supporter of partial birth abortion which is just another term for baby sacrifice. Human sacrifice is another cornerstone of Satan worship. Hillary has no value for human life, especially the most innocent of society, babies and young children.

Islam and Satan worship are synonymous. We know this to be true not only by their actions, but because the Quran calls Allah ‘the great deceiver’ 5 different times, verse 3:54 is one example. Who is the great deceiver of the world? Satan. This is who Hillary and her inner circle answer to. This is who their master is. When a human being has reached their highest level of depravity, they sexually abuse and or kill children. Rumors of more allegations of pedophilia connected to the Clinton’s are reaching a fever pitch as the FBI pours over thousands of e-mails that expose the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation.

This news of Satan worship was an eye opener, a game changer. It has shaken many people to the core. We Americans cannot let these wicked people into the White House. We will not survive as a nation with Satan at the helm.