A few days have passed since the election has wrapped up so people have had time to reflect and analyze. How did Trump win in a landslide when all of the polls and everyone in the mainstream media said Hillary would win in a landslide? How could have so many ‘experts’ been wrong? What happened? How come everyone was so shocked on election night? My answer is simple. There were two different elections being portrayed simultaneously, one in the mainstream media and one on social media.

The 2016 election cycle was intense. Four days out of the election and I feel like I got hit by a truck. I’m exhausted; I feel jet-lagged. I now realize that I was on the front lines of this election. I have a unique perspective of this election for two reasons: 1) I have a fairly large Twitter account and 2) I do not have cable television. I watched this election unfold mainly from Twitter and other alt media online. Here is the tale of two elections.

I started posting political tweets back in September of 2015 as the political arena started heating up. I only had a few hundred followers at the time, but I started to post more frequently, and several people with bigger accounts were retweeting me, which helped me tremendously. As my account grew, the attacks from the left increased. Although the vicious attacks never stopped, I noticed a big change as the election progressed. During the primaries, I was attacking both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. They both had long records to criticize and I didn’t hold back. The primaries wrapped up and America had chosen their two main candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Of course, we later learned through Wikileaks that Hillary rigged the primaries. I focused my attacks primarily on Hillary and Islam since she favored increasing the amount of incoming Syrian “refugees”.

It was reported that Hillary spent over $7.5 million dollars on an online army of trolls called ‘Correct The Record”. I was on the receiving end of these trolls day in and day out as I relentlessly attacked Hillary’s overall abysmal history of crimes, pay-to-play and lies. I was called the usual names, ‘bigot, racist, misogynist, Islamophobe’ and of course other more vile names that I cannot repeat here. Something very interesting happened as the election entered the last leg of the race. The polls became all the talk and with that spawned an arrogance from the leftist trolls and media pundits that I have never seen before. They were 100% certain that Hillary was going to win in a landslide and they had the polls to back up their predictions. Every single day Hillary’s trolls were tweeting at me showing me bogus polls and electoral maps showing a Hillary landslide. They arrogantly mocked me and told me I was uneducated and that I was a moron to believe Trump had even the slightest chance of winning.

I have followed presidential elections since I can remember. I even remember watching Reagan win in 1984 even though I was still a young child. It’s not just politics that interests me; I am a people watcher. I am overly analytical of events and I love looking for patterns and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Before the polls took the spotlight, I was busy looking at more important events that would suggest a Trump landslide. My prediction on a Trump landslide was based on a few key things. Under Obama, the Democrats got a shellacking in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, losing 910 State Legislature seats, 14 Senate seats, 69 House seats and 12 Governors. People were getting sick of Democrats and wanted a change. Obamacare was also highly unpopular and collapsing. Another indicator was Brexit which took place on June 23, 2016. Brexit was the repudiation of Globalism and even though it happened across the pond, I knew this was a worldwide movement. Applying Occam’s Razor, the 2016 U.S. Presidential election came down to Nationalism versus Globalism.

What about these polls that showed Hillary up by 10-14 points? Was I delusional to think Trump had a chance? Absolutely not. I wasn’t watching the election from my T.V. like a lot of people were. I don’t have cable, so I was watching a completely different election online. My Twitter account gave me a front row seat to this election. I talked to all different kinds of people day in and day out. I read a lot of the tweets coming into my notifications. I paid attention to what people were saying. As Wikileaks exposed Hillary’s campaign corruption, I saw more and more Democrats who were Bernie supporters completely turn on Hillary. I saw a lot of Blacks and Latinos who were supporting Trump. I saw a lot of women proudly supporting Trump. Trump’s rallies were always packed with people from all walks of life while Hillary could barely fill a high school gym. The mainstream media did their best to hide this because they were pushing the narrative that Trump was a racist and a misogynist and only white men supported him.

The mainstream media spent most of their time bashing Trump and praising Hillary. They merely glossed over the scandals coming out of Wikileaks and downplayed her FBI investigations. In contrast, the internet was on fire when Wikileaks was releasing Hillary’s campaign emails. Social media scorched her over her FBI investigations and Clinton Foundation corruption. Videos of Hillary having uncontrollable coughing fits went viral and raised questions about her health. She was also caught on video collapsing in New York on September 11th and the media shrugged it off as dehydration from hot weather and pneumonia. Anyone who questioned Hillary’s health was called a conspiracy theorist or a misogynist. The weeks leading up to the election were especially intense as both sides dropped their October surprises. Project Veritas dropped one bombshell undercover video after another proving Hillary’s campaign had planned the violence at Trump rallies by ‘bird dogging’ and bragged about voter fraud. The mainstream media dismissed it saying it wasn’t credible or authentic footage. The media sycophants spent most of their time wringing their hands over an 11-year-old tape of Trump where he made lewd comments about women instead of talking about Hillary being the first Presidential candidate in history to be under FBI investigation. They even called on Trump to resign! My phone was nonstop at this point. All of my friends and family were texting me and calling me looking for some glimmer of hope that Trump still had a chance to win. They all sounded defeated! They kept questioning me! ‘How the heck can Trump win?! We are a week away from the election and he’s down 10 points!! Hillary is going to win!!”. I even found myself scolding my parents for not trusting me that the polls were rigged. I tried explaining how the pollsters were oversampling Democrats which is why Hillary looked like she was winning. They still had doubt in their voices as they told me they believed me.

It was at this moment that I realized that there were two totally different elections going on. Every time I spoke to one of my friends who was a fellow blogger or radio host, they were confident that Trump was going to win. Every time I spoke to my friends or family who relied solely on the mainstream media, it was as if I was entering a different planet altogether. They were certain Hillary would win in a landslide. Michael Savage has accurately referred to the mainstream media as the “Government Media Complex” and this election proved that to be true without a shadow of a doubt. Because of Wikileaks, we saw campaign emails proving Hillary was colluding with CNN and other media outlets in order to control the narrative. Because of this, anyone watching the campaign from their T.V.’s were fed propaganda and lies while people who relied on social media and other alt media sites were looking at facts.

Globalism wasn’t the only thing that died with this election. The mainstream media died too. They have been proven to be untrustworthy. They have zero journalistic integrity. They are merely a propaganda arm of the government. History tells us that JFK won the presidency because of television and I am confident that history will prove that social media and alt media won Trump the presidency. People will always seek out the truth. The lying media created me and others with large influential social media accounts. We helped take down the Clinton machine and our weapon was the truth. We aren’t finished yet. You are next, mainstream media. We will make sure you disappear into the abyss of irrelevance as we enter an age of Renaissance where truth is revered.