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Irma Hinojosa

YUGE Trump Flash Mob in CA

By Irma Hinojosa

Welcome to the Trump movement ladies and gentlemen spreading all over the United States and despite what the hoaxing media says, even California! On Saturday October 15th, Trump supporters gathered

August in Chicago – Crime Not Seen In 20 Years

By Irma Hinojosa

Our country has never been more divided as we struggle to make sense of what is happening around us. Why is everything deteriorating? From our economy, to loss of jobs,

Call Me Bigot

By Irma Hinojosa

Growing up I was always taught to be respectful of others and the way they chose to follow their religion or set of beliefs. Religion was never forced on me,

Drugs, Crime, Murder, the Hidden Cost of Illegal Immigration

By Irma Hinojosa

It’s no secret that The United States has a serious problem with illegal immigration with policies that are continuously failing. What is a secret is the unimaginable amount of drug

The Heavy Burden of Illegal Immigration

By Irma Hinojosa

It should come as quite obvious that a nation who wants to protect its citizens should reject illegal immigration. This is not about race. This is about preserving our economy