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Sophia Andersen

Gab Founder Suspended From Twitter

By Sophia Andersen

Gab founder, Andrew Torba, was suspended on twitter today. Torba hadn’t used the account since November that simply contained one tweet, promoting his website; a rival social media platform

Unrest in Antwerp

By Sophia Andersen

A suspect was taken into custody tonight in Antwerp, Belgium. The city was on high alert after police issued a bomb threat late tonight at 10.30pm in the Central Railway Station. The

Trouble In Paradise

By Sophia Andersen

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is under fire today as his comments have caused a firestorm in the political world. President Duterte referred to President Obama is a “son of a

Black Lives Matter UK In Airport Hold-Up

By Sophia Andersen

Black Lives Matter UK made headlines this morning as they breached security at London’s London City Airport. Protesters had managed to chain themselves together. Police are currently on scene. Disruption