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2016 Elections

The Tale Of Two Elections

By Cristina Laila

A few days have passed since the election has wrapped up so people have had time to reflect and analyze. How did Trump win in a landslide when all of

The Satan Worship-Islam-Pedophilia-Democrat Connection

By Cristina Laila

Wikileaks has been punishing Hillary’s campaign on a daily basis as they slowly release campaign e-mails. Like an A-10 Warthog they deliver punishing rounds, damaging Hillary, members of the MSM

Hillary’s Decades of Corruption Make Her Ripe For Blackmail

By Cristina Laila

Anyone who has followed the dirty and sordid history of politics knows that blackmail is one of the most effective tools to either control or take down a politician. After

Why Hating Donald Trump Probably Means You Really Hate Hillary Clinton

By Brittany Pettibone

If you intend to vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8th and have never heard of the term psychological projection, there’s a chance you likely do not understand your candidate.

Project Veritas Video III: If It Looks Like A Duck…It’s Hillary Clinton Breaking the Law Again

By Suzie Daud

James O’Keefe has released the third video in the Project Veritas series Rigging the Election.      “If the future President of the United States wants ducks on the ground,

Hillary Clinton is Stealing This Election From You

By Suzie Daud

In part 1 of the “Rigging the Election” series by Project Veritas, we learned that Hillary Clinton and the DNC have been inciting violence by hiring mentally ill and homeless

Staging Violence is Nothing New For Democrats

By Suzie Daud

Recently leaked videos and payroll documents show that Donald Trump, as well as all of his supporters, were right again.  In March, Mr. Trump claimed via Twitter that the fights

YUGE Trump Flash Mob in CA

By Irma Hinojosa

Welcome to the Trump movement ladies and gentlemen spreading all over the United States and despite what the hoaxing media says, even California! On Saturday October 15th, Trump supporters gathered

U.N. Calls On Americans To End Trump

By Jared Wyand

The United Nations is now injecting itself into the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Thursday night at 9:14 pm EST, the U.N.’s official news service tweeted out a message to the world

The Rebuttal Trump Held Back About Hillary Clinton

By Jared Wyand

The first debate was all about taking Donald Trump to task about his life in the business and entertainment world without any question about Hillary’s life in politics. At the